martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

Food Idioms & Quiz

Food Idioms

1. apple of one's eye

2. back to the salt mines

3. bad egg

4. big cheese

5. bring home the bacon

6. chew the fat

7. cool as a cucumber

8. cream of the crop

9. cry over spilt milk

10. cup of tea

11. eat crow

12. eat dirt

Quiz – Food Idioms

Use the "Food Idioms" to complete the following sentences with the correct idiomatic phrase.

a) He is as ______________________________. Pressure-filled situations never both him.

b) Tomorrow is Monday. I guess it's ______________________________.

c) Baseball is really my _________________________. I love watching a game every week.

d) There is no use ______________________________. The vase is broken and there's no way to fix it.

e) We sat in a coffee shop and _________________________ for over 4 hours. It was great to talk.

f) He's really a ______________________________. He's been involved in many criminal acts.

g) She is the _________________________________. She graduated number one from her medical school.

h) He works three different jobs in order to __________________________ for his family.

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